3 Great Ways to Get Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Some companies only use their business website as a guest book.

It looks good to have a website today, so the managers could have something to write on their business card to send potential clients on the website to see what the company has to offer.

However, in the current world of internet, the business website happens be one of the most important channels for new clients; if not the most important channel.

Let’s see how you can turn your website into your gate for clients to walk through and how to get targeted traffic to it that will be easily turned into buying customers.


1. Local Business Listing Sites

Well I’m not talking about the directory websites. Definitely there are many directory websites that are high in page rank, but that does not mean that you will get visitors from these websites.

I’m talking about the business listing websites where you can list your business with a Google map and your clients can post reviews and ratings.

The local business listing websites can be very helpful for small businesses to get traffic and improve their reputation.

When you are looking for ways to obtain traffic you should consider getting listed on the business listing websites that have good rankings.

You can register to the following ones:










However, this is only the first part of your job. You don’t want your business to be forgotten on the websites that get millions of viewers every day.

Request your clients to post a review there whenever they are happy about the services and products that you have given them.

You can also search for those users who are highly active on given websites. Find users who are located near to your business, invite them to visit your place.

For example if you are an owner of a restaurant, a good review from an active Yelp user is a gold mine. There are a number of people on Yelp that would be glad to review your restaurant.

Offer customers discounts for the snickers in your store, maybe a free dinner. This way, you can obtain some positive ratings and reviews.

However, don’t try to post fake reviews and ratings – these websites are highly sensitive about this matter!


2. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo Answers is a Yahoo platform where users interact and answer questions for each other.

Here, any person that has a Yahoo email or uses Yahoo services is allowed to post a question. The other users would try to answer the question as good as possible.

As for questions, people know that they can get great answers there, so they would use it for any question or uncertainty. This is why you can get serious traffic from Yahoo Answers.

To post a clickable link in an answer you need to have a level 2 account. If you want to see that you are actually getting traffic from Yahoo answers then you will need to post a clickable link.

Google Analytics can be a great tool to gauge your traffic. Even if you do not have a level 2 account you can still post a link in your answer. The only difference is that it will not be a clickable link.

Well, in my case, I always copy-paste the link to the browser when it is non-clickable! Because I know if it is non-clickable then chances are high that it is not promotional or spammy!

I am sure, most of the readers of this blog do that, but other people, who are not so familiar with SEO, that look for answers will probably not copy-paste a non-clickable link because they are lazy or in a hurry!

It is important to get to level two, so you could post a clickable link, which is more convenient for visitors. You will still get traffic with level one answers, but less. In addition, if the link is non-clickable, you lose SEO juice too.

The answer should be professional. Don’t be too spammy or promotional with the content. Don’t post the same answers everywhere.

Yahoo truly sees the value in the Yahoo Answers format so they want the information to be accurate and detailed. The answers should be simple, direct and to the point.

Visitors are looking for answer that they can trust to be true. After all, if you were able to give him the right answer, he will probably find some interesting resources on your website that is related to the topic.

Do not only concentrate on those answers that are related to your niche. You should try to be an active answerer in a large number of categories.

If you post a link in an answer then you should post at least two more answers without your links (just answer 2 questions that are not in your niche – as you don’t need to put your link in those answers), in this way you will stay under the rudder.

It is dangerous to be too promotional, as the experienced users which own a high level account are able to mark your profile as suspicious.

If you get two negative marks associated with inaccuracies, your account will be suspended.  Some accounts are suspended with no apparent reason.

When an account is suspended then the Yahoo Answers send you an e-mail saying that they think you have abused their site, causing the suspension. Yahoo! staffers also say that if you think that the suspension is not fair then you can apply for a review. Applying for reviews is useless, as the account never gets reactivated.

In my opinion, you should always concentrate on several accounts, so if one is suspended, you can always use other accounts, or you can get a new one.

Many of my friends who used Yahoo answers to gain traffic, stopped using Yahoo Answers when their accounts were suspended, even if they agreed that this is a great source of traffic.

However, I’m still using it with several accounts, as I feel that it is a great way to get visitors.  Yahoo Answers is also good for search engine optimization.

As the majority of Q&A websites such as Yahoo Answers are no-follow, you might think that those websites are not good for SEO.

The truth is that, if a website gets many visitors per day, Google will consider it of importance, no matter if the website is a nofollow or dofollow one. If you can’t believe this, just think about the possibility of getting the link to your website on Wikipedia.

Many people pay hundreds of dollars to get a backlink from Wiki. As Wikipedia is a nofollow website, but still webmasters appreciate the traffic received from here, it is likely that Google considers the Wikipedia links pretty important.

And don’t be like these folks, who posted the 25 Most Bizarre Questions on Yahoo Answers:


3. Social Media

When it comes to social media, I’m not saying that you should post your links on all the social networking websites.

With a simple Google Search, you will find at least one hundred social media sites that have a high page rank, but this does not mean that posting your links here will get you visitors.

Most people use the social media sites only for backlinks, they do not expect to have visitors from these links.

However, a few social media sites can be used to get traffic. The rule is to be active on those accounts, to answer questions when people put it, and to be something like support in the respective niche.

Here are the most important social networks that can bring you traffic:

YouTube – this platform is great especially for websites related to media, with many video files. However, even for some other types of services, a nice video that attracts the attention is perfect. If  one says  “I want this one minute back in my life” once the video is finished, it will not do any good for your website. On the other hand, if it offers valuable information, visitors would love to rate it.

StumbleUpon – This is like the social network of websites, where the service actually recommends websites to other StumbleUpon users, and those decide if they like what they see or not. It is useless to talk why this social network could bring you loads of traffic.

Facebook – it is still the number one social network in the world.  Facebook has become a vital part of our online lives.  Facebook is a great tool to drive traffic to your website.  Facebook is a tool that unleashes freedom.  This freedom is something that can drive a ton of traffic to your website!


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